1. How to apply Season Parking?
    You can download the "Application For Season Parking" form through Metro-Parking Online at https://services.epetrol.com.my/metro-parking-online and submit an application via email / fax / by hand; or you can visit any Metro-Parking Car Park site office or booth to apply.
  2. What are the Season Parking charges?
    Season Parking Charges vary depending on the type of vehicle; type of car park; or location of the car park, please contact our customer service at 603-2081 2777 for season parking charges details.
  3. How do I renew my Season Parking?
    For RENEWAL of season parking, season parkers are able to make online payment at https://services.epetrol.com.my/metro-parking-online via credit / debit card or FPX.
  4. My Company has a few vehicles that have been issued with Season Parking Pass. Can I renew my own season parking via online payment separately?
    No. Your Company has to submit one online payment application for all vehicles registered under the same Company Account.
  5. I opt not to receive season parking payment due date reminder?
    Yes. You can login to https://services.epetrol.com.my/metro-parking-online to uncheck the [ I would like to receive payment due date reminder from Metro Parking ] in "Profile".
  6. I transfer my Season Parking to another vehicle?
    Yes. You can transfer your season parking when there is a change of your own car vehicle number; or vehicle type eg from motorcycle to car. The approval of the transfer is subject to the availability of the parking lot and new expiry date computation of a car park type or/and vehicle type.
  7. How do I know my personal, credit / debit card and bank account information is secure?
    All transactions take place on a secure server, and all your personal and payment card information is encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). We urge you to review our privacy policy on regular basis. If you have any further questions about our privacy policy, please email us at customerservice@metro-parking.com.
  8. What is Convenience Fee?
    A convenience fee is applicable to all online payment.
    A non-refundable convenience fee is charged when initial payment is made through direct debit, credit cards, debit cards or charge cards. Convenience fee will be charged with reference to the below:
    • Direct debit – RM2.00 inclusive Service Tax per transaction.
    • Credit cards, debit cards or charge cards- RM10.60 inclusive Service Tax as per bay per month.
  9. How do I terminate my Season Parking?
    You can terminate your Season Parking by submitting "Season Pass Termination" form via email / fax / by hand; or submit a termination request through Feedback Form.

If you have any further questions, please submit the Feedback Form or email us at customerservice@metro-parking.com to let us know how we can help you.